UltraGuard Saves a Life, Without A Doubt

Surefire’s personal protection system UltraGuard was called into action again recently, when it was installed into a resident’s property in Mid and West Wales.

The resident who lives in the Glynneath area of Wales was identified by the Fire and Rescue Service as a high level fire risk due to smoking. Under a partnership between Mid and West Wales and Surefire, an UltraGuard Unit was installed so that the resident could remain in familiar surroundings within their own home.

After just a few weeks the UltraGuard Unit was activated when the resident fell asleep in her chair with a cigarette. The cigarette fell into a bin next to the chair and immediately set alight. Activated by smoke detection, the UltraGuard Unit sprung into life and discharged water mist for 10 minutes, extinguishing the fire within the bin.

The resident’s niece explains “The UltraGuard unit was fitted only weeks before and did the most amazing job, it saved her life without a doubt. Although my aunt was in slight shock with some water on the floor, she was safe. Looking at the bin afterwards the UltraGuard certainly did its job and no harm to her thankfully. I would hope that anyone in a similar situation is recommended an UltraGuard Unit so that they too can benefit from this fire protection system”.

Surefire work with many UK Fire Brigades, Local Authorities and Housing Associations to protect their vulnerable residents from fire.