surefire services limited

A new force in the fire protection sector, Ultra Surefire Limited, has recently been created through the acquisition of Surefire Systems and Surefire Services by Ultra SureFire.

Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Ultra Surefire provides a wide range of innovative water mist and gaseous fire protection solutions, fire alarms and mobile units. This is backed by exceptional engineering expertise, bespoke design capabilities and customer service commitment.

Ultra and Surefire will continue to operate as separate brands, each able to draw on its reputation for reliability and proactive response to fire risk management. However, their combination in the Ultra Surefire provides for a strong base of future business expansion, building on impressive levels of fire protection experience.

Peter Kemp, Managing Director of Ultra Surefire, commented: “The new operation is an excellent match of skills and technical knowledge which offers benefits to customers, employees and business partners. The integration process is going very well indeed because of the synergies between the companies and people involved.”

Ultra has been in operation nationwide for seven years and is a pioneer in fire protection, particularly known for design and installation of water mist systems in industry, healthcare, restaurants, historic buildings, commercial/residential premises and a range of other applications. Surefire has been trading for about 30 years, with the focus of its business being in London and the South East, providing fire suppression and alarm systems for data centres and other large end users.