Ultra Surefire demonstrated the newest developments in water mist fire protection coinciding with the introduction of the new British Standard for water mist systems. This is a crucial stage in recognising the vital roles that these systems play in applications ranging from care homes to data centres and from restaurant kitchens to historic buildings.

Leading specialists in water mist system design and installation, Ultra launched into 2011 with an exciting day of live demonstrations and lectures at the BRE (Building Research Establishment) in Watford in February.

For those responsible for fire protection and health & safety throughout industry, healthcare, construction and many other sectors, this was not a day to be missed. 

Live Tests

First ever test of water mist equipment to BS DD 8458 -1:2010

Ultra’s new low pressure water mist nozzle “Ultramist PV1”, saving 10% on costs of conventional sprinklers, will be tested to the new British Standard for residential/domestic water mist systems.

Ultraguard – portable and intelligent fire protection

This High Pressure water mist system is fully portable, acts independently, and programmable to alert managers and rescue services. This test will show its capabilities to the full, including protecting areas of up to 20m2.

Mobile units – a hands-on opportunity

Delegates got a chance to try out Ultra’s water mist trolley units and back packs for themselves.


An Introduction to Water Mist – giving the gen on high and low pressure systems

New British Standards – To complement the residential/domestic standard, the new DD 8458 British Standard for commercial applications was launched in January 2011

Water Mist Applications – showing the varying capabilities of these highly flexible systems

Product Features and Benefits – providing an overview of the Ultra range

Stirling Castle Case Study – discussing a unique system used in a fascinating heritage project