At 16.25 hours Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service was called to an address in Long Eaton following a report of a portable misting system activating.

Firefighters from Long Eaton responded to the call and on arrival confirmed that a portable misting system had activated and extinguished a small bin fire. The occupant of the property was taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

In 2012, a Home Fire Safety Check (HFSC) was carried out at the property in Long Eaton by a Community Fire Safety Officer. As a result of the HFSC, there was a recommendation that a portable misting system be fitted to help safeguard the occupant.

Working in close partnership with the family of the occupant, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, with joint funding provided by Derbyshire County Council Adult Care, were able to fit the first portable misting system in Derbyshire, into the property in Long Eaton.

Derbyshire’s Chief Fire Officer / Chief Executive Sean Frayne has been campaigning for a change in legislation to ensure that domestic sprinklers are fitted into all new homes since 2011. Work has been on-going within Derbyshire with councils and registered social landlords to fit sprinklers into the homes of those most vulnerable from fire, through match funding initiatives.

Chief Fire Officer / Chief Executive Sean Frayne said “It was only a matter of time before a home where we had fitted domestic sprinklers, or installed a portable misting system had a fire and the occupant was saved.”

This incident truly demonstrates that having domestic sprinklers fitted, is like having a Firefighter in every room of your home. Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service will continue throughout 2013 to lobby government to effect a change in legislation.