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Mobile Water Mist Fire Fighting

Mobile Water Mist Fire Fighting

Mobile water mist unitsFirst response for rapid fire fighting, mobile low pressure water mist technology is flexible, effective and powerful enough to fight fires at a distance, guarding the safety of fire fighters.

Harnessing water mist and CAFS technology in portable formats has improved first response fire fighting around the World. Advanced aerodynamics with flow engineering using liquid and gas mixtures create an enlarged surface area (almost 50 times) when compared to conventional water tender.

Results are rapid cooling due to extensive heat absorption and the resultant steam generated expands 1640 times in volume, inerting the atmosphere around the fire. The combined effect of cooling and blanketing results in effective rapid extinguishing.

Trolley Unit

The combination of the highly sophisticated nozzle and the 50 litre trolley supply system makes the Trolley Unit the safest and ideal choice when handling medium size fires.


A portable unit, the Backpack system brings a significant reduction in response time and better accessibility to help control fires at an initial stage. Ideal for use within industrial applications, fire trucks, emergency vehicles, offshore and marine. Breathing apparatus can also be fixed to the Backpack for greater versatility.

Modular Units

Designed to fit into pickups, small trucks or trailers, the MPM modular unit utilises water mist technology at a very low water consumption rate to provide rapid fire fighting to inaccessible terrains such as forests or hilly regions.

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